Your Essential Selection Guide for Locks

Lost Your Car Key? How a Locksmith Can Help

25 September 2020
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With close to 20 million cars registered in Australia, the Aussies are incredibly car-dependent. It is therefore easy to panic when you can't find your car key, even after retracing your last steps. In some cases, your key can break off in the ignition and interfere with your daily activities. Replacement car keys can get expensive, depending on the type of car key you have. It is generally cheaper to hire a locksmith than to contact a car dealership as there will be additional costs to tow your car to the dealer. Read More …

A Beginner’s Guide To Buying A Gun Safe In Australia

17 September 2020
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Gun safes are mandatory for all gun owners in Australia, which means that if you are looking to get into this hobby, you need to start considering where you will put your safe and, most importantly, what type you will get. The trouble is that there are many different types of gun safes, and the differences can seem minor. So which gun safe do you need? There are some simple things you should be looking for that can narrow down your search a lot. Read More …

What Extra Services Should Business Owners Expect of Commercial Locksmiths?

21 August 2020
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Although some of the tasks that domestic locksmiths undertake are the same as those you will find commercial locksmiths carrying out every day, the two sides of the profession are very different. First of all, one of the main commercial locksmith services you will come across is genuine business-to-business provisions, such as invoicing, standard credit terms and account holding. Once you have opened an account with a commercial operator, you will find that a raft of commercial locksmith services open up to you that you won't find with the average domestic locksmith. Read More …

Occasions When You Need A Locksmith

7 August 2020
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Many homeowners and car owners know the wide range of services offered by a locksmith. When it comes to replacing keys, installing locks, picking locks and many other services related to locks, safes and keys, a locksmith is the right person to consult. Here's a breakdown of some of the main occasions when you might need a locksmith. Lost Keys There's nothing as irritating as locking yourself out of your home and realising that you left the keys inside. Read More …

Explaining The Three Types Of Gun Safes For Beginners

17 July 2020
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Gun safes are a very important tool in every gun owner's arsenal, as they not only keep your guns safe, dry and neatly stored, but they can also prevent violence and spur-of-the-moment acts. If you are considering getting a gun, then one of the first things you will realise is that you need a gun safe to go along with it. This can be an overwhelming process as it seems like there are endless amounts of gun safes on sale, but in general, these can be narrowed down to three distinct groups. Read More …

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Your Essential Selection Guide for Locks

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