Different Techniques an Automotive Locksmith Will Use to Access Your Locked Car Door

Different Techniques an Automotive Locksmith Will Use to Access Your Locked Car Door

3 November 2020
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Being locked out of your car and being locked out of your house must be the two biggest annoyances that you can face as a motorist and a homeowner. And it is not simply about the inconvenience. Being locked out poses a security risk, especially if you have to leave the site to go seek help and potentially have your car broken into by burglars. And if your child is inside, it becomes an endangerment issue too, more so with Australia's scorching heat! But before you panic, you should note that an automotive locksmith will have the necessary skills to help you gain access to your vehicle as soon as possible. Depending on the cause of the lockout, here are a couple of the different techniques an automotive locksmith will use to gain access to your locked car door.

Car lock picking

This might be one of the oldest ways to access a secured lock, but it remains relevant due to how efficient it is. Nonetheless, as the designs and mechanisms of car locks have evolved over the years, so has the picking technique. Rather than simply utilise whatever is on hand, the automotive locksmith needs to have a particular set of tools. Moreover, the type of pick that works will vary from one make, and sometimes even model, to another. Before the automotive locksmith arrives to help you gain access to your car, they will ask about the type of vehicle you own. This information will help them know what tools they need to carry along for lock picking.

Car lock reprogramming

If you have a vehicle outfitted with a keyless system, lock reprogramming may be the best solution to your problem. One of the reasons why these systems are growing in popularity is the enhanced security they offer since they are hard to breach manually. However, if you are unable to use your key for one reason or another, perhaps it has broken or you have lost it, you will need an automotive locksmith to come and reprogram the system for you before they can hand you a new key. A major benefit of carlock reprogramming is that it does not pose the threat of vehicle damage if you leave it to the professionals. Thus, do not try and jiggle the key or tamper with the mechanism, as you will make things worse.

Additional methods that an automotive locksmith can employ to gain entry to your locked car door include re-flashing the lock's immobiliser and complete bypassing of the locking mechanism.

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