The Benefits of Security Cameras at Home

The Benefits of Security Cameras at Home

7 January 2021
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Even though security cameras are still more commonplace in high-security settings and retail environments than homes, you should not rule out a CCTV system installation for a residence. Security cameras can make a huge difference in domestic settings, and a CCTV system installation in your home is not likely to cost as much today as it would have even a decade or so ago. So, if you are considering the merits of having up-to-date security cameras in and around your home, what are the benefits you can expect of them?

  • Discretion and Deterrence

The first thing to say about a modern residential CCTV installation is that it will be much less obvious than one in a public setting. In a retail outlet, for example, you want potential shoplifters to know that they are being filmed, so the cameras tend to be large and put in places where they will be noticed. This is usually undesirable in a domestic CCTV installation, however. Therefore, today's installers will tend to opt for the use of much smaller security cameras that will go unnoticed by your visitors and friends. However, burglars will certainly soon become aware that they are being filmed and consequently be deterred from attempting to break into your property.

  • Maintain Safety and Surveillance

Of course, having security cameras installed around your property does not simply mean that you will deter criminality. It will also mean that you can keep an eye on what is going on around your home when you are not present. For example, you might want to be able to see what is happening in the garden while you are somewhere else in your house. Maybe you need to keep an eye on your children to make sure they are safe as they play outside, for example. Or you might want to make a note of any deliveries that are made at home when you are at work so you know when items arrive and, perhaps more importantly, when they have not yet been delivered.

  • Spend Less on Insurance

Another important aspect of any CCTV installation, regardless of whether it is in a home or a business setting, is that it will drive down your insurance costs. Many Australian insurance firms will offer a reduction in the amount they charge if you have security cameras set up to monitor what is going on. This is because it will be less likely that you will need to claim any losses that occur once you have such a security system installed.

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