A Beginner's Guide To Buying A Gun Safe In Australia

A Beginner's Guide To Buying A Gun Safe In Australia

17 September 2020
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Gun safes are mandatory for all gun owners in Australia, which means that if you are looking to get into this hobby, you need to start considering where you will put your safe and, most importantly, what type you will get. The trouble is that there are many different types of gun safes, and the differences can seem minor. So which gun safe do you need? There are some simple things you should be looking for that can narrow down your search a lot. Here are three of the most basic steps you should take when looking for your first gun safe.

What Is Your Gun Safe Rated For?

There are several different categories of guns in Australia, and there are minor differences in these ratings between states and territories so it is always important to look up the relevant data for your location. However, in general, there are three main categories aptly titled A, B and C. Almost all Australian gun owners will fit within categories A and B, which pertain to air rifles and shotguns as well as single-shot rifles. Category C is for more advanced weaponry, including semi-automatic guns, and it is very rare to see someone with this accreditation. Always make sure when you buy gun safes that the one you buy mentions what categories it is safe to use with.

Ammunition Storage Space

The guns you own aren't the only thing you need to store in a safe, so it is important that when you buy a gun safe, you get one with room for all of your ammunition and attachments. Most people prefer to have a separately locked storage compartment for their ammunition, as this allows for a bit more protection in case you leave the door open and a child wanders in. This dual-level of security means that guns are never loaded and cannot be loaded without the keys to both locks.

Power Source

Most gun safes nowadays come with electronic locks that open with a code you punch into them. If you choose this type of gun safe, then you should consider what type of power source it has. Ones with batteries will need to be resupplied regularly but ones that are connected to your homes power source can be susceptible to power outages. As long as you know which type you are more comfortable with, there is not a huge difference; you just need to be prepared for the possible problems you may encounter down the road and figure out a way to deal with them.

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