What Extra Services Should Business Owners Expect of Commercial Locksmiths?

What Extra Services Should Business Owners Expect of Commercial Locksmiths?

21 August 2020
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Although some of the tasks that domestic locksmiths undertake are the same as those you will find commercial locksmiths carrying out every day, the two sides of the profession are very different. First of all, one of the main commercial locksmith services you will come across is genuine business-to-business provisions, such as invoicing, standard credit terms and account holding. Once you have opened an account with a commercial operator, you will find that a raft of commercial locksmith services open up to you that you won't find with the average domestic locksmith. What can you expect?

Key-Holding Service

Since many commercial locksmiths operate an emergency 24-hour response service for their customers, it makes sense to ask your chosen one to hold a key to your business premises. This can be invaluable if, for example, your burglar alarm were to go off in the night and need to be switched off or reset. By providing a spare key to your locksmith, in-person attendance can occur without you having to go to work yourself. It will also mean your locksmith can immediately deal with any potential problems on your behalf, such as an attempted forced entry.

Master Key Systems

If you want the security that comes with a lock and key but the flexibility of a more modern approach to access systems, then a master key may be what you are looking for. This is one of those commercial locksmith services that are often beneficial in hotels and other places of work with lots of doors. With a master key, all of the access points remain individually controlled for the majority of your staff. However, you can use just one key to get in and out everywhere — a big advantage over carrying a bunch of keys with you. Designing such a system for changing business needs is a big part of what modern commercial locksmiths do these days.

Safe Storage

Providing adequate security at all of the entry points to your commercial premises is one thing, but a qualified locksmith will also be able to help you with secure storage systems, too. This is very important if you hold sensitive documentation with personal client details, for example. You might also need it if you have valuables stored at your place of work. Essentially, this service comes down to one of consultancy whereby your locksmith will advise you on the best lockable filing cabinets and safes to meet your particular requirements.

For additional information, reach out to a local commercial locksmith service.

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