Explaining The Three Types Of Gun Safes For Beginners

Explaining The Three Types Of Gun Safes For Beginners

17 July 2020
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Gun safes are a very important tool in every gun owner's arsenal, as they not only keep your guns safe, dry and neatly stored, but they can also prevent violence and spur-of-the-moment acts. If you are considering getting a gun, then one of the first things you will realise is that you need a gun safe to go along with it. This can be an overwhelming process as it seems like there are endless amounts of gun safes on sale, but in general, these can be narrowed down to three distinct groups. Here is a quick rundown of each of them and why you might need them.

Small Gun Safes

Small gun safes can come in a variety of sizes. These safes are built primarily to store handguns in, so if you are only really a handgun enthusiast, then this is the size that you need to be looking at. They come with a different range of options, including space for ammunition, cleaning utensils and plenty of room for your small firearms. If you don't have to buy a larger gun safe, you should always try and buy a small one as they take up far less room, are much less heavy and cost less.

Medium Gun Safes

The most standard gun safes are those that you would probably classify as medium-sized. They are great for storing sporting rifles of all sorts. There are very few guns that will not fit into a medium gun safe, and there is also space for ammunition to ensure you don't have to buy multiple safes to store the equipment needed for just one or two guns. A medium-sized gun safe's only drawback is that it is not big enough for some of the more prolific gun fans.

Large Gun Safes

Most medium-sized gun safes are only wide enough to allow for the storage of a couple of rifles. No one wants to be buying multiple gun safes when one would suffice, which is why larger alternatives were created to cater to the hunter who wants a bunch of different guns at their disposal. They also have room for every accessory you could ever dream of, as well as hundreds of rounds of ammunition so you don't have to stock up every other weekend. The only drawback is, of course, the size, as it is a very obtrusive object that you need a big area for. They are also extraordinarily heavy, so get a friend or two to help you set it up.

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