Understanding Commercial Locksmiths

Understanding Commercial Locksmiths

10 July 2020
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Having the contact information of a reputable locksmith can be considered a good practice because finding yourself in a locked out situation is not uncommon. You also need to hire the right locksmith to ensure you get quality services. That said, here are various things you need to take into consideration when hiring a locksmith, especially for your business needs:

Commercial Versus Residential Locksmith

You may come across a residential or commercial locksmith. A residential locksmith offers locksmith services for residential areas, meaning that his or her experience is best suited for residential locks and the different factors that concern them. Likewise, a commercial locksmith offers locksmith services for commercial areas, meaning that his or her experience and expertise is best suited for commercial locks and issues that concern them. Choose a locksmith who is best suited for your area.

What Are These Factors/Issues That Concern Residential or Commercial Locks?

Take an example of a commercial setting; you might require a locking mechanism that:

  • Requires fingerprint or card scanners to allow specific employees access to particular areas
  • Logs every entry and exit time for different employees
  • Offers extra security because you might be handling large amounts of cash or expensive pieces of equipment

All these needs already sound technical and might be better met by a qualified and licensed commercial locksmith. Most residential locksmiths may not come across homeowners who want such locks and, therefore, might not have the experience to offer such services. This does not mean that you can't come across a residential locksmith who offers such services; they are there, but not so many.

If there is also a technical fault on such locks, where employee's cards or fingerprints don't work leading to them being locked in or out, you need the help of a commercial locksmith who specialises in such locks.

Specificity and Choosing the Right Locksmith

As indicated above, you should hire a locksmith who specialises in the kind of lock services you need. What does this mean? The first thing you need to determine is whether you are in a commercial or residential setting. Secondly, identify the type of lock you need to install or want to be repaired. Lastly, choose the right locksmith.

Assuming you are in a commercial setting with employees stuck behind a door accessed by cards or fingerprints, you need to contact a commercial locksmith who specialises in repairing, troubleshooting and breaking into a card or fingerprint-opened lock. They should be in a position to professionally break into the lock, troubleshoot its faults and repair or replace it. Look for a commercial locksmith in the area near your business. 

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