Key Information to Provide a Locksmith during an Emergency

Key Information to Provide a Locksmith during an Emergency

27 May 2020
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Locking yourself out of a house at night is not only scary, but it also leaves you exposed to weather elements and insecurity. Luckily, an emergency locksmith can help you back into your house in no time. However, the information you provide a locksmith determines how fast they can act. Notably, most people tend to struggle when giving information to a locksmith, which leads to inaccuracies and delays. This article provides insight into providing accurate information to an emergency locksmith.

Provide the Nearest Landmark -- The first thing an emergency locksmith wants to know is your location. Most people prefer to give a street address and house number; however, this only effective if you stay in an organised neighbourhood. People living in an informal neighbourhood might find it challenging to describe their exact location to a locksmith. Using the nearest landmark as a reference point is a better approach. For instance, provide the name of the nearest store or supermarket since such landmarks are familiar to most people. You can easily direct a locksmith to your house once they get to a landmark. The strategy is effective and prevents unnecessary back-and-forth calls.

Describe Your Lock Accurately -- Locks vary significantly; therefore, the more accurate you are with your lock's description, the easier it is for an emergency locksmith to prepare accordingly. For example, combination and fingerprint-based locks are considered digital or intelligent. Therefore, describing your lock as digital is not enough in this case. An emergency locksmith needs to know exactly what awaits them. Most importantly, describe the type of lock you have, how it operates, its manufacturer, and the serial number if any. Do not forget to mention any additional barriers -- such as a deadbolt -- to a service provider. The details will help an emergency locksmith to assemble the right tools and accessories before making a trip to your premises.

Number of Locks to Be Bypassed -- Different door designs have a varying number of locks to meet specific security needs. For instance, standard entry doors have a single lock, whereas storm doors and security gates have more locks that are operated independently. Therefore, the former option is less secure than the latter. For this reason, an emergency locksmith needs to know how many locks they will be dealing with. The more locks present, the more challenging it is to bypass a door; consequently, a locksmith needs more time and sophisticated tools.

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