Why Do Retailers Need a Good Commercial Locksmith?

Why Do Retailers Need a Good Commercial Locksmith?

24 June 2020
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In the main, a domestic locksmith will fit new locks, cut new keys and drill out locks when people have locked themselves out of their home. Although a typical locksmith in Australia can undertake other jobs, these are the main tasks that they will carry out every day of their working week. The same cannot be said of a commercial locksmith, however. Most commercial operators will have more specialist skills that business people need access to from time to time. In particular, business owners and managers in retail settings can often do with having the number of a good commercial locksmith to hand. Why?

Dealing With Break-Ins

Unfortunately, retail businesses get broken into from time to time. Although you may not keep any cash in your shop overnight, there is bound to be some stock that is available to thieves. Therefore, shops tend to be the target of burglaries at night when there is no one around to prevent them. If you have been the victim of such a crime, then changing your locks may be something that you need to do at short notice. Many shops are broken into by forcing open inadequate locks at the storefront or perhaps by targeting a fire escape doorway. If so, then you will need a locksmith to help you fit new locks that will allow you to leave your shop in a secure state once more.

Safe Installations

Many retailers need safes to store high-value items and cash when the shop is closed. This is certainly the case with jewellery stores, for example, but it applies equally to shops selling electronic equipment. A commercial locksmith will be able to fit a new safe for you that is fit for purpose and that provides the necessary level of protection to prevent access even by professional criminals. Remember that by having one fitted, your items will also be protected from outbreaks of fire, if they were to occur.

Providing Security Know-How

Many commercial locksmiths are not just there to provide new locks and keys. They can offer retailers a more thorough oversight of their current security arrangements, too. This might involve doing away with lock and key mechanisms for doors and windows, for example, and replacing them with more sophisticated equipment. Many business premises are made more secure these days with biometric access systems or by the introduction of swipe entry cards instead of keys. Since these can be issued to individuals and have their access rights rescinded remotely, swipe cards offer many advantages over physical keys. Ask your locksmith to provide you with a review of your current arrangements. You may be surprised to learn just how insecure your shop currently is.

For further tips, reach out to a local commercial locksmith.

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